Tellurico -- Francesco Addati

L’Entrata dell’Inferno is a site-specific installation designed by Tellurico Design Studio -- Francesco Addati and commissioned by Contemporary Cluster Rome.
The installation, composed of three main sections (the central pieces, the peripherical videos and the soundscape), is a geological and social investigation into the Phlegrean Fields in the South of Italy
The central pieces are inspired by Dante's geographical conception of the Entrance of Hell in the Divine Comedy. According to Dante, the world is divided into two distinct hemispheres, one of which is entirely formed by the emerged lands and the other completely covered by waters. Hell, created by God throwing Lucifer on earth, is referred to as a deep funnel-shaped cavity that opens under Jerusalem and reaches Earth's centre.
Geographically, the Entrance of Hell seems to coincide in Italy with Averno's Lake, a volcanic basin in the Phlregrean Fields which was the entry to Hades.
Each piece represents the craters that today compose the Averno Lake and their proportion, shapes and position in the room show a scale model of today's area.

The peripherical video, instead, works on the concept of ''proximity'' showing how close the allotments are to the active volcanos and how the volcanos themselves influenced the surrounding environment. The Phlgrean Fields have the highest population density on top of an active volcano where almost 200 thousand people live there divided into 5 different Municipalities.
Within a less than 5 km radius, the environment changes drastically and it goes from a very fertile and green hill to a lunar and hostile environment.

The soundscape realised by Francesco Addati is the combination of field recording of the volcanos together with harmonic sections designed to bring together the whole site-specific installation and help the viewer dive into this immersive project.

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